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Ali McCloskey

I have both loved and at times really struggled with being a parent.

Falling pregnant, unintentionally, was devastating for me. I was loving life and the thought of becoming a Mother was
 not something I had ever considered.

I was also terrified... I hadn’t yet figured out my fear was driven from a childhood that was more unhappy than I'd realised. 

 It wasn’t terrible, but that’s really the point. Your childhood doesn’t have to be awful for us to grow up unsure of ourselves, full of self doubt, lacking self esteem and healthy confidence.
All it takes are small repeated messages and actions which over time undermine and chip away at our sense of self worth.

I love my family and have been driven over the past 24 years to create a family dynamic that works. One that evolves and grows over time as our children move through each stage of their childhood into happy, healthy, balanced adults. To read the rest, click below...


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How is Good Parents Getting Better different from other parenting products?

After buying many parenting products, we've found a common theme.

The ones we tried were trying to fix or control ‘the problem’ by getting children to behave. Whilst this is sometimes necessary and most definitely something we believe needs to be addressed, we have learnt through experience that the majority of problems at home, start because a situation has been dealt with in such a way, that it encourages, or supports the very behavior you want to change.

A simple example, and one we know happens a lot, is telling your child to ‘stop eating with their mouth open’. We nag and nag and repeat the request, sometimes several times a day. Yet, unless your child is very fearful of you, they will continue to eat with their mouth open. Why? Because unintentionally that’s the command you’re giving them. If however you say ‘Jonny, eat with your mouth closed” you’re much more likely to see success. Firstly, you gave a command without any pleases, which we massively over use and secondly, you gave the right command i.e to eat with their mouth closed and not open!

We developed this simple technique of ‘owning our language’, along with lots of other new and exciting discoveries about human behavior that not only make parenting easier but way more enjoyable.

If you haven’t already done so, why not see what some other parents had to say about us.

How long has GPGB been established?

We launched our first 6 week workshop in September 2005.

Do I have to buy all the products/courses to benifit?

Absolutely not…but we do recommend it! Each course has been designed as a stand alone product, allowing you to decide which one will help you the most.

Having said that, 98% of people that have attended our 4 week workshop, sign up for the second part. It’s hard to convey this without sounding like we want to sell you more products, but Good Parenting requires us to have a multitude of skills and those skills interlink with each other.

You can always buy a product and if you like it come back for more :)

What type of Parents do you get attending these workshops & buying these products?

Fantastic parents that care about and love their children. Parents that want to raise happy well adjusted children. Parents that want to develop close, loving relationships with their children that last a lifetime.

What happens if I'm not happy with my product/workshop?

Simple, we’ll give you your money back. We want you to become an advocate for us and hope that you’ll go on to recommend us to all your friends. If however, after following our guidelines, you don’t feel able to do this, we want to give you your money back…honest! Please just give us as much detail as you can about why it didn’t work for you.